ROCK FRONT 200 down quilt Pro

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Lightweight version of summer quilt. The sleeping system consists of a sheet and an anatomic blanket with special sewing technology thanks to what the set became even lighter and warmer.

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ROCK FRONT down quilt is a sleeping system that consists of a lightweight down blanket and a separate universal cover for a tourist mat (like a bedsheet). They are connected to each other by a zipper. The blanket is tightened with elastic drawcord in the foot area. As a result you get spacious and comfortable sleeping place. The mat keeps warm from below and the blanket on the sides and top.

This design of the quilt allows you to better retain heat, because it is hermetic and cold air can not get inside.

The sheet can be adjusted in length and width, allowing the quilt to be used with different mats in various sizes. It also serves as a hygienic cover for the mat because it is easy to wash.

The Pro version features a special blanket sewing technology (see “Features” for more details).



quilt mode is suitable for hiking and camping of any difficulty;

only a blanket can be taken with you for a warm night outdoors, on a car trip or on a train trip;



  • longitudinal seams and special sewing technology. The inner material is smaller than the outer, allowing to form a volumetric “wave” outside. Thus, in places where tension is formed (legs, shoulders, elbows, knees), it is formed only on the inner side of blanket, and the insulation does not crumple and continues to retain heat. Also waves touch and create imitation of “warm seams”. In addition, this sewing technology makes the blanket stretch to a width (110-120cm), which adds or reduces the inner quilt space as needed.
  • unlike the standard version, which is 145 cm wide, the Pro version is only 110 cm wide and DOES NOT allow you to use the blanket in the “sleeping bag” mode;
  • the sheet has a pillow (you can attach any soft thing and create a comfortable pillow);
  • elastic drawcord on the top and bottom of the blanket.


*Inflatable mat is NOT included in set

** The total weight of the product can vary within 2%, depending on the number of zippers and the material used in down products for warm seams”.


Insulation: 200g natural goose down 800 Fill Power

Temperature rating: +6°C (comfort limit) and above

Blanket weight: 440g

Sheet weight: 150g

Compression sack weight: 35g

Set weight (blanket, sheet, compression sack): 625g

One detachable zipper

Inner and outer material: 100% nylon

Manufacturer: ROCK FRONT (Ukraine)

Blanket width: 115 cm at the top, 80 cm below

Blanket length: 210 cm

Maximum size of mat: 195×70 cm


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