ROCK FRONT Compact compression sack

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The compression sack allows you to compress the sleeping bag or clothes to a minimum volume to effectively use the space of your backpack.

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Compression sack allows you to reduce the volume of things several times, which significantly saves space in the backpack. The Compact model combines exceptional lightness and functionality.

The sack is made of ripstop nylon, which prevents tears. All materials have a moisture-repellent finish, so things inside will be protected from condensation and light rain.

Fastex on one of the straps allows you to quickly open or close the case without having to loosen all the straps (present in all sizes except XS).


* The total weight of the product can vary within 2%.

** We are constantly improving our products, therefore we reserve the right to change the configuration, accessories, colors and shades of fabrics.


  • XS (25g)
  • S (35g)
  • M (40g)
  • L (65g)
  • XL (70g)

Furniture: Woojin Plastic

“Wall” material: 100% nylon ripstop

“Cover” material: 100% polyester

Manufacturer: ROCK FRONT (Ukraine)

  • XS (13х23 сm)
  • S (14х33 сm)
  • M (17х33 сm)
  • L 1(16х38 сm)
  • XL (21х38 сm)


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