ROCK FRONT synthetic blanket-sleeping bag

1050 грн.

Lightweight and compact synthetic blanket that can be converted into a summer sleeping bag.



Universal blanket with zippers on the sides and elastic drawcord at the top and bottom. This design makes it easy to turn it into a lightweight summer sleeping bag. Weighing only 540 grams and with a minimal volume, the blanket can be taken anywhere – on a hike, in car trip or just for a picnic out of town.



  • in “sleeping bag” mode it is suitable for hiking and camping in summertime;
  • an indispensable thing for a car trip or trip by train;
  • you can connect 2 blankets and take cover with a threesome.

* The total weight of the product can vary within 2%, depending on the number of zippers and the material used in down products for warm seams”.

Insulation: one layer of Hollowfiber (100 g/m2)

Temperature rating: from +14°C

Weight: 540g

Compression sack weight: 60g

Set weight (blanket, compression sack): 600g

Dimensions in compression sack:

34х15х15 cm

compressed 16х15х15 cm

Detachable zipper (made in Ukraine)

Inner and outer material: 100% nylon

Manufacturer: ROCK FRONT (Ukraine)

Width: 145 cm

Length: 210 cm

Width in “sleeping bag” mode: 73 cm


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