Universal mat sheet Pro

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The hygienic cover for a tourist mat gives comfort during a sleep outdoor, especially in a hot climate. Together with a ROCK FRONT 200 down blanket can form a sleeping system-quilt.

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Universal hygienic cover for tourist mat. The sheet is adjustable by lastic drawcord, which allows it to be used with mats of different sizes and types.

You can comfortably use 2 mats at the same time – for example, inflatable mat with foam mat as a footprint and additional thermal insulation. This creates an integral system that does not slide.

The Pro version of sheet has a improved locking system, which greatly simplifies the assembling of the sleeping system.


  • in combination with a down or synthetic ROCK FRONT blanket it forms a comfortable and spacious sleeping system (quilt).
  • allows to use 2 mats at onse


  • the sheet has a pillow (for fixing of a tourist pillow or allows to put any soft thing, having formed a pillow by yourself)
  • can be used both with rectangular and with anatomic mats


* The total weight of the product can vary within 2%.

** We are constantly improving our products, therefore we reserve the right to change the configuration, accessories, colors and shades of fabrics.

The maximum size of a tourist mat is 195х70 cm

The minimum size of a tourist mat is 185х55 cm

Distance between zippers: 55cm (in the shoulders area) 35cm (in the feet area)

Weight: 150g

Material: 100% nylon

Lightning: №3 YKK

Manufacturer: ROCK FRONT (Ukraine)


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