Universal mat sheet

540 грн.



Universal hygienic cover for tourist mat. The sheet is adjustable in length and width by elastic drawcord, which allows it to be used with mats of different sizes and types.

You can comfortably use 2 mats at the same time – for example, inflatable mat with foam mat as a footprint and additional thermal insulation. This creates an integral system that does not slide.



  • in combination with a ROCK FRONT synthetic or down blanket you can create a comfortable and spacious sleeping system (quilt). A sheet with zipper #5 is suitable for a synthetic blanket, for a down blanket – with lightweight zipper #3.
  • allows you to use 2 mats at once;
  • you can to connect 2 mats, forming a single sleeping place.



  • sheet has a pillow (you can attach any soft thing and create a comfortable pillow)
  • elastic drawcord adjust the length and width, allowing the sheet to be used with different mat sizes


*Inflatable mat is NOT included in set

Weight: 150g (with zipper #3), 200g (with zipper #5)

Length: 200 cm (for tourist mat size up to 200×70 cm).

Material: 100% nylon

Distance between zippers: 40 cm

Manufacturer: ROCK FRONT (Ukraine)

Length: 200 cm (for tourist mat size up to 200×70 cm).


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