Universal underframe bikebag

600 грн.



The underframe bikebag is a convenient way to add luggage space to any bike. We offer a rational use space of bike frame. Depending on the frame size, the bikebag will add 10 to 20 litres of extra volume.

Its centre of gravity is low, so the bag doesn’t swing and doesn’t cause problems at high speed or on a difficult section of the track. The design of the bag does not interfere with freedom of movement.

The main compartment is accessed by two zippers. The top flap of the bag has RollTop system, which allows you to stretch it between the steering column and the seatpost.

The bag has a partition with a zipper, which allows you to optionally make one common or two separate compartments.

Maximum efficiency for bike touring.

Material: polyester 215den, polyester 95den

Manufacturer: ROCK FRONT (Ukraine)

Size: thickness of an empty bag – 6 cm, with luggage – up to 18 cm.

Fittings and dimensions of the bag are suitable for frames from 15 to 24 inches.


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